About Me

I have always been into anything and everything creative. I bought my first real camera in 2013. I started practicing photography freelance with friends and family shortly after that. I have photographed just about everything from families to boudoir. I am excited to continue practicing all the different style of photography until I find my place in this beautiful and creative world. Recently I have decide to start focusing more of my time on intimate sessions. This is where a lot of my creative passion lies.

I live in Bismarck, ND with my husband and daughters. I married my best friend in September of 2017 and gained a stepdaughter in the process. Since then I have blessed with two amazing daughters! My girls are amazing, they all make me so proud every single day. As a family we like to dance in the living room to a classic tune like Juke Box Hero, while head banging and holding rock fists high. In my free time I like to sing and organize things, seriously organizing is so fun to me. I love all things fitness. I spend a lot of my free time in studios and outdoors doing things to keep me healthy and feeling strong. You can also find me in the kitchen trying out new recipes or on the couch eating those creations while watching a good show after my children are in bed.